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The last quarter of dredging under Licence represented the highest recorded removal of sand in any quarter in the history of dredging in Hayle. Beyond the cumulative negative effect of 'maintenance dredging' the consequences of this last dredging gorge upon Hayle Beach in highly sensitive zones were catastrophic. Warnings given to Authorities such as Penwith District and Hayle Councils that the dredging would lead to accelerated erosion were not heeded.


Dredging initiated a dramatic change in the beach topography. It resulted in the lowering of beach levels allowing waves to gain purchase on the foreshore and eventually on the toe of the dune. The symbiotic relationship between Dune and Beach was snapped and neither could save each other. The Beach was the first to go – the Dune will follow. 

A Beach has died in front of our eyes and a Dune system is now dying in front of our very eyes. NOBODY is accepting responsibility for this local environmental disaster, nor are they taking any steps to safeguard the future of our remaining beaches and dunes. 

Now it is time to draw a line in the sand - it is a moment for all of us to stand up and be counted in a concerted effort to protect and preserve Hayle and St Ives most precious natural resources - The magnificent beach and dune systems.

It may be to late for 'Avalon' beach, but her passing must be given worth and value. We must commit to all we can do to save and protect the remaining beaches and dunes of Hayle and St Ives Bay.

SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay is Campaigning for the protection and preservation of Hayle Estuary, Beach, Harbour and Dunes and St Ives Bay Sand Cell. The objective of SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay is to bring an end to the permanent removal of sand as a method of maintaining a safe channel to the Harbour. As an alternative sustainable solution SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay strongly advocates the reintroduction of sluicing, the historical remedy for maintaining Hayle Harbour and a safe navigable channel without the loss of sand.

Getting Involved

SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay BeachSweep is our own coastal environmental initiative, involving local individuals, groups and communities in the shared responsibility of caring for the coastal environment. SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay BeachSweep is looking for volunteers to take part throughout the year in making a stand against marine littering.

If you would like to register your interest for a BeachSweep event then please fill in your details on our Contact Form by clicking HERE, and we will keep you updated by our newsletter on upcoming BeachSweep cleaning and other SOS Hayle, St Ives Bay events.

Why is beach cleaning so important?

Our marine wildlife is under great threat from the waste and litter in our seas and beaches. Hundreds of species of aquatic wildlife accidentally eat or become tangled up in litter. In addition to harming wildlife, litter and dog fouling on our beaches is hazardous to people, especially young children.


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